How to select your first tripod for DSLR camera

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Hundreds of tripod products are available in the market with different sizes and shape, so it is really a challenging task to find out the correct tripod for your camera or mobile phone.

So let’s check before investing on tripod what are the major points we need to consider. We required tripod to hold our camera or mobile phone staidly at the time of taking photo or shooting a video, tripods are generally made of steel, plastics or carbon fiber depend on its price and usability. Good tripod can make or break your photo or video quality, so we should be very calculative at the time of selecting any tripod. So let’s check out top 4 points which we need to consider at the time of selecting your tripod.

1. Head of the tripod

As we know tripod can be used for photography and videography both, but their requirements are different. Majorly two type of tripod heads are available in the market Ball head & Fluid head. Ball heads are majorly used for photography, with this type of heads you can change the angel of your camera without moving position of your tripod majorly they are made of metal or plastics. Second type of popular head are fluid heads which contains a fluid chamber within its design and majorly used for videography this type of heads help videographer to achieve two most basic forms of camera movement panning and tilting.

2. Weight of your camera or mobile phone

 A tripod is a foldable three-legged stand which used as a platform for supporting the weight of your camera and maintaining the steadiness of your camera in a certain environment. So before selecting any tripod you need to check your Cameras or mobile phones weight which you are going to mount on tripod.

3. Height of the tripod

In the market you will find tripods with different heights which started from approximately from 4 feet’s to 7.5 feet’s, so you need to consider how heighted tripod you required for your photography or videography. Do consider that more you increase the height of your tripod it started getting little less stable.

4. Weight of the tripod

As we discussed previously to consider weight of your equipment’s here we will discuss weight of your tripod. Tripod lighter or heavier depending on what they are made for, carbon fiber made tripods are lighter than the aluminum made. So if you want to shoot outdoor then you have to minimize your tripod weight because lighter weight of your tripod will help you to travel with comfort.

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